Our heart is to bless people with Hindi worship songs. Freely we have received our ministry and freely we want to give our music. However, production involves costs so we would like you to partner with us…. Feel free to give!


Because we want to bless a lot more people with many more songs. We receive countless messages of people who have been blessed by our songs and they ask us how they can be a part of the ministry, well this is the best way! By giving you’ll not only enable us to produce more worship songs, you’ll also make them available for free to many people who need to hear the gospel through music. By you blessing us we can be a blessing to many others!



16 Years of faithful ministry, that means we have been around for a long time so basically we know what we’re doing, you can build on us.


Our songs have travelled the world, even more than we have, and they are sung all over, in every Hindi speaking church in India and abroad.


All our music will remain FREE (we promise) and every donation goes toward production of new songs. We just want to bless!


Our songs have no commercial value and are not made for that purpose. Every song has the name of Jesus in it and has been written to share the gospel.


We know that God has called us to make music and create new songs, He just never told us to sell it. After years of trying to sell our albums, we realized two things.

Firstly, the people who need our music most, in remote villages and areas where Christians are being persecuted, they can’t afford to buy it anyway, so they end up copying it and distributing it illegally. We much rather make it available for free so they don’t have to break the law.

And secondly, Yeshua Ministries started as a vision to bless local Hindi churches with good quality Hindi worship songs that would even be attractive to youngsters, selling our music doesn’t fit in that vision because blessings should be free.

Testimonies from young people


a 23-year-old from Pune

I’ve been following Yeshua Ministries since a long time. It has blessed my life by providing me some of the most wonderful praise and Worship songs to worship the living God. I have had some never before experienced reactions ( blessings) like getting goosebumps all over my head and body while singing unto the Lord with their songs, that peace which we don’t get on singing Bollywood. Yeshua Ministries encourages me to keep singing and glorify Christ in a new style and reach to as many people as possible. Thank you so much Yeshua Ministries.


a 22-year-old from Mumbai
Today I am a worship leader and Yeshua Ministries is the reason behind that. Behind every song there is a story and I believe Yeshua Ministries is God’s own plan, they have been a blessing to me….!! When I was living a worldly life God always spoke to me whenever I used to listen to their songs. The songs are simple but they carry an anointing. Today God is using me in worship ministry and I thank God for Yeshua ministries.
I believe that if God can change you through a song, that song has anointing. Thank you Yeshua Ministries, God bless you more and more…!!

Other ways to partner with us!

The best thing you can do for us is to keep us in prayer! Pray for the band members, our families, the people we minister to and the people we partner with. Pray that we may continue to be the salt and light in this world.

Plan an event and invite us! We would love to come to your city to minister and worship together. Send us an email through this contact form and we will get in touch with you.

You can help us by liking and sharing our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Not to make our name great but to reach more people with the gospel of love through music!